Alex Dawson
Founder & Director of Alex Martin Commercial

Meet Alex Dawson!

  • Alex Dawson, Founder & Director of Alex Martin Commercial, is one of the most pleasant agents you will come across in the property industry.
  • He founded Alex Martin Commercial in 2010, where his sole mission was to help Faith Groups & Faith Groups only, as the majority of agents never took them seriously.
  • Some may call him a ‘pioneer’, but he likes to describe himself as a dyslexic introvert with an above average understanding of property.
Joe Fox
Senior Sales & Lettings Negotiator

Meet Joe Fox!

  • Joe Fox, Senior Sales & Lettings Negotiator, has been a pivotal asset to Alex Martin Commercial’s success in recent years.
  • Dubbed ‘The King of Nurseries’, Joe has become a household name amongst the Commercial Property industry, specifically E & F1 requirements, which has made him a go-to contact amongst that region.
  • He has taken pride in building strong & healthy relationships with a wide variety of groups in different sectors, which he believes is essential.
  • Often mistaken for Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp, Joe denies any potential relation between the two.
Ben Oldstein
Sales and lettings negotiator

Meet Ben Oldstein!

  • Ben Oldstein, sales and lettings negotiator, is the newest member of the Alex Martin commercial family
  • Prior commercial property experience
  • Will be working hard to build new relationships
  • Interests: watching/playing football, gym