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Bath, BA1


Guide Price
Approximate Size
1,846.6 SQ FT
Guide Rent
£115,000 per annum
Approximate Size
5,284 SQ. FT
Offers In Excess Of
Approximate Size
11,732 SQ FT
To Let
£35,000 pa
Approximate Size
1,350 SQ FT
For Sale
Guide Price £1,500,000
Approximate Size
4,552 SQ FT
To Let
Approximate Size
4,150 sq. ft
To Let
£130,000 per annum
For Sale
Offers in Excess of £1,750,000
Approximate Size
To Let
Approximate Size
2,280 SQ FT
To Let
£120,000 per annum
Approximate Size
9,880 SQ FT
To Let
Approximate Size
1,500 SQ FT
To Let
£24,000 pa
Approximate Size
2,500 SQ FT
To Let
£25,000 per annum
Approximate Size
2,100 SQ FT

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We pride ourselves as a leading commercial agency operating within the F1/ F2 / E (FORMERLY D1/ D2) use classes of the marketplace throughout Great London. If you’re looking to sell or let a property contact us for free advice and a valuation, with thousands of registered occupiers and purchaser Alex Martin Commercial are well placed to assist.

Are all your properties listed online? 
No, we only display a selection of properties on our website. We recommend signing up to our mailing list for exclusive access to over 80% more properties within the E, F1 and F2 use classes (formerly D1 & D2).
Do I need to pay your agency fees? 
Each property listing is different, some we are already retained on by the vendor in which case you will not have to pay us. Those that we are not retained on, are clearly marked. If you are unsure or would like to check please ask. Our standard fees are 2% + VAT of the purchase price, or 10% + VAT of the average annual rent. 
I need the full address of a property, but only the area is listed?
Please register your interest in the property first, we will then send you a brochure and the address if requested. 
What will I need in order to submit an offer? 
We will ask you for details of how you intend to fund the transaction, proof of a mortgage offer (if applicable) and proof of cash available in a UK bank account. We will also require your charity number if applicable. 
I have been looking for a property for a long time but been unsuccessful on my search, can you help?
If you a specific or unusual requirement, we have access to a database of over 10,000 commercial property agents where we can circulate your requirements. This is via a third party handling system called EACH, there is a charge of approx £100 + VAT. Please get in touch for more information about it.

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